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You Want to surprise your guests with a meal under the sign of Authenticity, Originality and Conviviality?


Discover our tailor-made and slightly vintage concept: the Cocochic Foodtruck, installed on board a small 1961 Citroën HY truck. You will create a surprise and make your event even more irresistible! ​


The HY took on the appearance of an ambulance, a livestock truck, an itinerant trade, a police vehicle...we decided to make its existence continue by transforming it into a Foodtruck!... but not just any food truck, a Bistronome Chic retaining the wood, the corrugated iron and all the authenticity of this old cattle truck unearthed near Grasse. ​ ​ ​

Cocochic is also THE "good idea", the little extra that will allow you to make all your events even more exclusive and unforgettable. This charming Food truck is the perfect asset for all your birthdays, baptisms, family celebrations or your professional events. .

You will understand, we can establish any type of cuisine and any type of atmosphere for you...​

Our Services in a few photos

Our formulas to awaken your taste buds

By choosing Cocochic, you will be sure to taste carefully prepared homemade dishes, based on fresh, seasonal and quality products. Their menus are varied, both savory and sweet.

We went bistronomy,buffet formulas, or even plancha cooking show in front of your guests 

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, we have been working in strict compliance with the rules laid down by the government, for everyone's health.

                      You choose what you love!